Thursday, April 28, 2016


Freddie and Her Box
Because of an ear infection, Freddie has had trouble walking for the past several days. However, on Sunday she was determined to climb onto the sofa. It took her five minutes of clawing before she achieved her goal.

Her moxie was a reminder not to let anything keep me from achieving my goals. Whether it is visiting every state or trying new challenges, like horse back riding or ice skating, I need to go for it.


  1. Hello, I'm visiting from the A-Z Challenge. I just looked at each of your photos. Wow, they are fantastic.
    I like you X post. Freddie was very determined to get on that sofa, huh?

  2. Welcome! Thank you for the complement.

    Yes, Freddie was always determined. She never let anything, poor eyesight or arthritis, get in her way.