Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tuesday's Tales - Southern Justice

“I’d like to see those tapes,” Shane said.

“And, I’d like to see a warrant,” Vince replied.

“And the pictures?”

“A warrant.”

“How about a piece of your hide?” Austin mumbled.

“I need you to repeat that a bit louder and slower. And, make sure you enunciate.” Vince pulled a tape recorder from underneath his desk. “I need to make sure I quote you correctly when I do my piece on Oakley County’s finest and whether they’re too heavy handed in carrying out their duties.”

“I’ll give you a quote you little piece of—”

“Austin, I think we’re done here,” Shane announced as he stood.

Austin mumbled an expletive before he rose and stalked out the room.

“I’ll be back with the warrants,” Shane said.

“Everything’ll be here.” Vince reached for the telephone. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a newspaper to run.”

Shane nodded before he walked out the room. “I’ll be back,” he mumbled to the receptionist as he strolled past of desk.

Outside, Austin leaned against the car, his arms crossed over his chest. His frown said he was ready to go back inside and finish the thought Shane had interrupted.

“Okay, let me have it,” Shane said.

“What?” Austin asked.

“I won’t have you walking around looking for someone breaking the law so you’ll have an excuse to take you bad mood out on him. So, why don’t you take a swing at me, I’ll punch back, and we’ll get it out of our system.”

“You know I’d never take my bad mood out on someone else. But, if I could only have a few minutes alone with Vince.”

“Trust me, you’re going to have to get in line.” Shane nodded towards the mammoth charging across the street towards the building.

If Shane was called to testify in a trial regarding the day’s events, he would swear under oath he saw steam shooting from Mark Butler’s nostrils. The man yanked the door so hard; Shane was surprised it had not come off the hinges.

“We better get in there,” Shane said.

We?” Austin repeated. “As Vince said, I’m off duty. I’m more inclined to get a tuna sandwich.”

Shane glanced up at the window. Vince frantically waved down at them.

“Sure and I can see tomorrow’s headlines. Expect No Mercy from Oakley’s Finest.”


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  1. I can feel the tension. You left us in suspense. Is Vince going to get taken apart by this guy? Great excerpt, Ursula.

  2. So many questions from so little words .... great snippet. Look forward to more.

  3. Tense scene with fabulous interaction among them. I love the imagined headline.

  4. Tense scene with fabulous interaction among them. I love the imagined headline.

  5. Love it. Especially t he beginning. It's very realistic.

  6. Loved the dialogue. Felt like I was in on the conversation.

  7. Great conflict and tension for the two. I wonder how often the police are treated like crap, then the very same people want their assistance.