Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Author...Artist...Jane of All Trades

"You don't know what you want to do with yourself."

This comment was said by someone close to me as I described the latest artistic project that caught my interest. Though the lack of support stung, it did not come as a total surprise to me.

Some people believe in focusing all their attention on one activity. While I agree practice makes perfect, I also believe life is too short to limit one's focus.

Besides writing, I enjoy drawing and photography. I have also studied painting and stone carving. And, I'm always looking for new projects to work on.


  1. Speaking as someone else who "doesn't know what to do with himself," I would like to point out that the journey itself matters most. If you're satisfied with your change in direction, rock on! Nice post for the A to Z challenge!

  2. Brava! I totally agree Ursula. I've been writing since I was a preteen. Later, when writing was on a back burner I discovered beading and jewelry making. When we moved across country a few years ago, jewelry got set aside (mostly because I couldn't find my beads after the move lol). Then writing returned when I didn't have beads to amuse me, and I wrote and published two books. I'm still writing now, but last summer I discovered a new passion. Polymer clay. Yes, still jewelry (found and have added to my bead collection again!) but now I also make figurines as well as jewelry with clay and beads. It gives my mind a chance to relax and wander, which seems to be helpful to my writing also. I say don't listen to anyone and do what makes you feel good about yourself. Happy Challenging!

  3. Ursula, I agree with all of you. I've always written fiction (since I was a teen) and even though writing was part of my life for years as a journalist, I've always found great enjoyment in other projects and interests, like crafts and photography. I've always enjoyed viewing art and never thought I could draw or paint, but now I am taking a stab at it.

  4. Hi Ursula, I am right there with you! My interests range from jewelry making, organizing, mom stuff, all the way to bigfoot hunting and paranormal invetigating! Have fun with your interests!