Monday, February 16, 2015

Tuesday Tales - A Bookie's Odds

“Aren’t you tired of hanging around me? Wouldn’t you prefer to hang out with one of your other women?”

Nicholas shook his head. “At the moment, none of them have what I’m looking for.”

“And, what’s that?”

“Intelligent conversation.”

The other women were also lacking the ability to offer him comfort with simply their presence. They always needed a verbal, physical or monetary confirmation about how he felt about them.

It was different with Georgia. She understood what he needed and when. They were able to enjoy each other’s company without having to waste a whole bunch of words affirming that the other was great.

It felt right to have her sitting across from him; while they each read different sections of the newspaper and ate the breakfast he cooked. It was like they had long established a comfortable routine years early, though it was only their second morning together.

Nicholas mopped up the last of his syrup with his French toast before rising from the table. He dropped his silverware of the plate and was prepared to carry it to the sink when Georgia reached out and placed a hand over his.

“I’ll take care of the dishes.”

He glanced down at the appendage. The touch was as innocent as ever, yet he felt the electricity course through him. His reactions to her were getting too intense. It was getting to the point where she was affecting him with simply a glance.

Nicholas nodded as he slid his hand from under hers. “Thanks, I’ll take a shower while you do that.”

He rushed out the room before she could remind him that he had already taken a lengthy shower before breakfast.

Nicholas emerged from the bathroom and Georgia did not comment on his sudden obsession with cleanliness. Instead she finished folding the bedding he had spread over the sofa the previous evening.

“I really wish you’d let me sleep on the sofa,” she said.

“You wouldn’t be comfortable. It’s meant for sitting, not sleeping.”

“At least, I fit on the sofa. You’re either crammed into the small space or hanging off it.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Georgia sighed. “Why do you have to be so stubborn?”

“It’s a pleasure meeting you pot.” Nicholas stepped forward and extended his hand. “I’m kettle.”


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  1. Great job with the way he knew she was what he needed and yet still shied away from the growing connection. Love the humorous ending!

  2. Like his response at the end. Nice snippet today.

  3. Nicely done. As someone who slept on a couch a lot in the last year when I broke my elbow on my right arm and also broke my left leg at the same time, I can relate this. LOL. Love the last line.

  4. I love this! And the dialogue between then is so real. You described their connection so succinctly, but perfectly. I know the comfort you were talking about. But if there is so much between them, why is he sleeping on the sofa? I sure hope you're going to let us in on that. Great story.

  5. Haha! LOVED the last line - pot and kettle - perfect!
    Trisha Faye