Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday Tales - Bookie's Odds

The thunderous sound of soft-soles shoes slapping against the linoleum broke the silence. Georgia sat up and listened; her hopes rising as each step grew louder.

The doctor stepped into the room. Georgia jumped out her seat, jostling William awake. Nicholas, who had not slept, was by her side when she reached the doctor. 

“Your father’s out of surgery,” the doctor announced.

Georgia let out the breath she had been holding. As long as her worst fear did not come true, she was certain she could handle whatever else he had to tell her.

“He took quite a beating and he was stabbed several times. He’ll have long recovery ahead of him.”

“When can I see him?”

“We’re getting him settled in a ward—ˮ

“He’s getting a private room,” Nicholas stated.

“I was under the assumption…well, you know…ˮ the doctor stuttered.


The doctor glanced down from William to Georgia. “A private room can get expensive. How do you plan to pay for it?”

“You only worry about doctoring,” Nicholas said. “I’ll worry about the expense.”

The doctor glared at Nicholas for a second before he nodded his head.

“When can I see him?” Georgia repeated.

“Right now, he’s resting, so I suggest you go home, do the same and come back during visiting hours.”

“Excuse me, Doctor, but they just brought someone in,” a nurse announced the hall.

“I’ll be right there,” he called over his shoulder, before addressing the group in front of him. “If you’ll excuse me.”

“Glad the news was good,” William said once the doctor rushed out the room. “For a while I was wondering. He was a mess when we found him.” He glanced at his watch. “This was a long night. I’ll be lucky if I get two hours of sleep after I drop you off.”

Georgia shook her head. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“What are you talking about? The doctor told you to go home.”

“I don’t care what he said. I’m not going anywhere ‘til I see my father.”

“Why? It’s like you’re a doctor or anything.”

“I’m not leaving.”

William released a hard breath that sounded close to a growl. His attitude reminded her of their earlier discussion.

“Listen, I don’t have time for this, woman. I have to go to work in the morning.”

“Then leave.” Nicholas’s tone was calm, yet the challenge was clear. “If Georgia wants to stay then she stays.”

“I’m her ride.”

“I can drive her home.”

William cocked an eyebrow. Georgia knew he was facing a dilemma. He did not want to leave her there with another man. However, he had made it clear he needed to go and would look like a punk caving in to a woman…and a white man.

Though she understood his predicament, she was not in the mood to sooth egos. Her only concern was her father and she was not going to leave the hospital until she saw him. Even if it meant she had to walk home.

“William, just go.”

He jerked back, apparently shocked by her order. He opened his mouth, yet one glance over her head had him pursing his lips. Georgia did not know what Nicholas did to change the other man’s mind, but, at the moment, she was grateful for any help she got.

“Are you sure?” William asked through clinched teeth.


“Okay, fine.” He leaned forward, his lips aiming for hers.

Georgia turned her head. The kiss the land on her cheek. She refused let him mark his territory by kissing her in from of Nicholas. The only person in the hospital who should be playing with tonsils was the doctor.

“So, it’s like that,” William whispered in her ear.

“This is not the time or the place,” Georgia replied before she stepped back from him. “We can talk later.”

William straightened. “Sure, later.” Without acknowledging Nicholas, he turned and strolled out the room. His wingtips echoed through the hall.

Expecting a snide remark, Georgia spun around to face Nicholas once William’s footsteps fade. Instead of a smug grin, she saw concern in his eyes.

“Did you want anything, while you wait?” he asked.

“You don’t have to stay.”

“Yes, I do.” His tone was firm; telling her there would be no more discussion regarding the matter. He was not going to leave her side.


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  1. Great scene. What a tough situation-- her father so injured and her having to manage the menfolk. Looking forward to more.

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  3. Welcome to TT! Really enjoyed this. The line about doctors and tonsils made me laugh.

  4. Welcome to TT! This is a great, intense and emotional snippet. Love the challenge between the men, and her standing up for herself. Look forward to more from you!

  5. Welcome to TT! I really enjoyed your snippet.

  6. I love the sparring of the two men over her. And Nicholas is a sweetie. I like that he's not letting her boss him around. He's gonna be there for her, dammit! Powerful scene.

  7. Love your writing style and looking forward to more. This is awesome.

  8. Great scene! I too loved the interaction between the two men. Great dynamics!

  9. Hi Ursula,
    I went and read your earlier column to get a feel for the story. You did a great deal with her turning her cheeck for the kiss. :)